The Prayer Book of Claude de France
as a faithful fine art facsimile edition

The Prayer Book of Claude de France is kept in the famous manuscript department of the Pierpont Morgan Library (New York) under the shelf mark MS M. 1166. The fine art facsimile edition of the painted manuscript appears in a strictly limited number of 980 copies, in the original format of 69x49mm. The rich pictorial decoration with its sensitive colour choice and the softly shimmering gold on the 104 illustrated pages is rendered in all its fine details.

A facsimile of the ex-libris by Picasso is glued into each single volume by hand.

The facsimile volume is bound in Burgundy red velvet with golden clasps in the form of a fleur-de-lis to match the original book.

The scholarly commentary makes the imagery
of Claude de France accessible to a wider public

Roger S Wieck, curator at the manuscript department of the Pierpont Morgan Library, has dedicated both time and effort to the Prayer Book of Claude de France. A reputed expert in Renaissance manuscripts, Wieck has written an extensive commentary in collaboration with Cynthia J Brown, University of California (Santa Barbara), to provide an illustrative insight into the time of Claude de France and discuss her personal Prayer Book in all its different aspects. Bilingual commentary in English and German.

The decorative black leather case

A distinguished decorative case in leather protects both facsimile and commentary volumes. An inserted magnifying glass by Eschenbach Optics sheds a new light on the fine details of the paintings. The DIN A5 commentary volume is included in the case.

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