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The Flemish Chronicle of Philip the Fair – now available

Discover the history of Burgundy in colourful paintings—from the first to the fifteenth century, from the legendary first King of Burgundy, Trophimus, to the last Duke of Burgundy, Philip the Fair!

The Flemish Chronicle of Philip the Fair is a masterpiece of the Ghent-Bruges School and is classified under the rare genre of medieval children’s books. This alone makes it valuable—not to mention the rich illustrations and the illuminator’s great artistic skill. Philip the Fair was seven years old when he received this richly illuminated chronicle, an educational reader intended for the future head of the Burgundian dynasty, which was already over a thousand years old.



In the Flemish Chronicle of Philip the Fair you will discover the fascinating history of Burgundy from a completely new perspective. See it for yourself order the informative documentary portfolio with an original facsimile leaf and preview it, at no obligation, for fourteen days.

The Peterborough Psalter –
Magnificent Miniatures and Gilded Gothic Script

Perfect Gothic illumination, tangibly raised gold lettering, a matchless collection of visual typologies, an incomparable interplay of gold and azure ink calligraphy: the content and ornamentation of the Peterborough Psalter is so unique that no other publisher of facsimiles has yet dared to reproduce this manuscript.

Quaternio Lucerne has taken on the challenge—you can already feel the three dimensions of the facsimile in the documentation portfolio, as you run your fingers across the sublime, raised gold calligraphy on the parchment-like paper.

The Peterborough Psalter is so rich in gold ornamentation that it has only been in the exclusive libraries of ruling European houses, from Pope John XXII (1318) to Napoleon (1805). What is it all about? Learn more and order the documentation folder with a four-page facsimile section without any obligation on your part.


Feel the tangibly raised gold calligraphy and admire eight miniatures, the splendid coat-of-arms in gold and silver and the golden initial page – you get all this with the original fine art facsimile double leaf in the documentation folder. Get an idea of the extraordinary quality of this outstanding fine art facsimile edition! Order the documentation folder without any obligation on your part.

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Goldene Pracht für himmlische Gesänge:
Exhibition on the facsimile of the Golden Gradual of Gisela von Kerssenbrock

Eberbach Abbey
15 August to 29 October 2015,
open all days, 10 am–6 pm

The interior scenes of “The Name of the Rose“ were filmed in this former Cistercian Abbey. Come to Eberbach Abbey and see the special exhibition on the fine art facsimile edition of the Golden Gradual of Gisela von Kerssenbrock – Germany’s most beautiful choir book from the Middle Ages.

Turn yourself the pages of the facsimile edition, see a video on the making of the facsimile and hear the songs of the nuns.

The Flemish Chronicle of Philip the Fair: exhibition of the facsimile in Troyes

Clairvaux. L’aventure cistercienne

Rue de la Cité, FR-10000 Troyes
Still open until November, 15 2015

In 2015, Aube en Champagne celebrates the 900th anniversary of the foundation of Clairvaux abbey. On this occasion runs a major exhibition presenting more than 150 documents and rare objects.

The Fine Art Facsimile edition of the Flemish Chronicle of Philip the Fair is at the visitor’s disposal all along the exhibition. Do not miss the opportunity!

Exhibition of the original and the facsimile in the Diözesanmuseum Osnabrück

Singen wie die Engel.
Der Codex Gisle – Eine mittelalterliche Musikhandschrift aus dem Kloster Rulle

Diözesanmuseum Osnabrück
Domhof 12, 49074 Osnabrück
Still open until October 4, 2015

The exhibition shows The Golden Gradual of Gislea von Kerssenbrock. Seize the opportunity and admire the original of one of the most beautifully decorated music manuscripts from the Middle Ages while leafing through the true-to-the-original fine art facsimile edition by Quaternio Verlag Luzern.

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The Golden Munich Psalter in the Swiss television

The making of the fine art facsimile edition of the Golden Munich Psalter has been filmed by the Swiss Television station. On March 24, 2011 the report Hohe Kunst der «Fälschung» – wie das Faksimile einer Prachthandschrift entsteht was boadcast in »Kulturplatz« on SF 1.